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  JAMIEshow Dolls

JAMIEshow Muses by OWNESU

JAMIEshow Dolls were first introduced in the fall of 2009 with the introduction of the Blossom Collection, this first intro introduced Jamie, Ruyi, Kyra and Mayumi.  These first dolls were available with either painted eyes or inset glass eyes. 

Next we introduced the first two boys Paris and Ty.  Spring of 2010 we introduced the Basic Dolls which now were 2nd generation dolls with new fuller bodies (Breast) new articulation at the upper legs and articulated right under the breast plate and new articulation which allowed them to sit at 90 degrees angle better, they also all had matted bodies and pierced ears.

Spring of 2010 we introduced our first boys and their wardrobe, Ty and Paris.

Next major character intro summer of 2010 introduced new characters, Lena and Sabina (twins, Light AA skin tone) Angelica, (tan skin tone), Sun (light skin tone) as well as return of Jamie and Ruyi.

We then introduced Kyle and 2nd Generation Ty with a Matte finish.

Next intro was Sasha and she was first introduced as Sasha Fierce a Holiday doll, she was the first doll to have a rooted wig cap.

Winter 2011 Idex introduced Sasha Homage also with a rooted wig cap.

About Us

Idex also introduced Then came Alejandro and Lee
Spring 2011 Introduced Haute Doll Exclusive Eshe (with rooted wig cap)

Summer of 2011 we introduced Basic St. Tropez Collection all with interchangeable rooted wig caps, new Sculpt Eshe, Angelica, Sun, and Sasha
So Characters so far, Jamie, Ruyi, Mayumi, Kyra, Angelica, Sun, Lena, Sabina, Sasha and Eshe, boys Paris, Ty, Kyle, Alejandro and Lee

Rooted wig caps are the only innovation that is unique and exclusively ours.

We continue to strive for perfection and continue to advance articulation and ideas for a better doll, our goal is to grow constantly and innovate always.  We will be introducing something new the fall, to be seen, and we will continue to grow the rooted wig cap designs and offer more styles, colors and hair lengths.

JAMIEshow dolls are Resin Ball jointed dolls made exclusively for and sold by JAMIEshow Doll Usa.  They are made of a very special resin developed just for them called Smooth J.  A non toxic and beautifully translucent resin, Smooth J resin gives JAMIEshow dolls a unique feel and texture.  16" Female and Male Fashion Dolls cut right from the runway.  Highly articulated and beautifully posable, JAMIEshow dolls are unique in their character, design and concept.

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